About Us

Buttery slipped on a chunk of butter, fell into a pool of water & transformed into a Batter!

I see that you are interested in the snippets of ButteryBatter.

A huge fan of sweet treats and desserts?
You are in luck! ButteryBatter is the tastiest site for you to keep track of!



That’s us! Buttery & Batter!

It was pretty amusing of how we got the inspiration to start up ButteryBatter. We were settling down at Coffeebean. As usual, we will enjoy our relaxing afternoon with a cup of coffee on the left & a plate of mouth-watering dessert on the right. Why ButteryBatter? We were cracking our brains to come up with a good name & just when we were about to munch on our cupcake, an idea struck us! Butter is essential in the making of pastries which will eventually formed into a batter with the other ingredients.

THADAH! That’s how ButteryBatter is formed!

Sweet treats is a form of comfort food which will make us HAPPY! (:

Therefore, we want to spread this happiness to everybody by providing invaluable baking tips, lip-smacking recipes & hunt down sweet hangout places!


With love,
Buttery & Batter ❤